Graduate destinations
HCD graduates typically find employment in agencies or fields relating to the practice or conceptualisation of public health, social development or health promotion. These would include NGOs, international development agencies, workers in government health, welfare and social development departments or ministries. Some candidates go on to study medicine, nursing or clinical psychology, and others gravitate towards doctoral programmes and pursue research careers.

Below are some examples of what our graduates are doing:


Sabrina Kaschmitter

Sabrina Kaschmitter

Sabrina Kaschmitter has taken a post at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in Mountain View, California.< >
She currently resides in San Francisco, California. 
The foundation is one of the largest in the world. She works in the development department that deals directly with donors of all sorts – mostly on the operations side-running fundraising reports, doing database upkeep/maintenance/entry, and engaging in outreach research.
In the long term she hopes to specialise in research, but at the moment she is thrilled to be learning about donation practices, investment options, grant-making, and a variety of causes that the foundation supports-locally, nationally, and internationally.

Sara Belton joins Ministry of Health in Canada

Sara Belton

Sara Belton

Sara Belton finished her PhD this year and has been employed as Senior Project Manager, Ministry of Health with the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada.
She writes: “My job is to manage and coordinate the design and implementation of a provincial pilot program which provides home-based clinical services and specialist clinician visits to seniors (adults aged 65+) who are having difficulty accessing more traditional office-based medical services.
“It’s a new program and I’ve had to work with stakeholders to design it “from scratch” which has been very interesting and rewarding.”

Sharon sets up AJANI HANDMADE
Sharon-NjavikaSharon Njavika has set up a social enterprise in Nairobi called AJANI handmade, using health and beauty as the springboard for building women’s agency. 
AJANI Handmade serves not only as a business that provides a natural-based health-conscious product but at the same time, is a platform that focuses on addressing issues that young African women face in their daily lives that affect their agency and capacity through dialogue.

Susan Papp joins Women Deliver
Susan PappSusan Papp has taken up a new position as Director of Policy and Advocacy with the global advocacy organization Women Deliver 
Women Deliver is committed to improving the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women, particularly around their sexual and reproductive rights.  They also work on cross-cutting social issues that have implications on girl’s and women’s ability to negotiate their reproductive health–things like education, sports, access to sanitation in schools so girls don’t drop out with then get their periods, ending child marriage, promoting nutrition for women and girls, etc.  They are also working with UN agencies and other INGOs on the post-2015 agenda.

Kirsten Van Reisen (HCD 2010-2011) is a Researcher at the Dutch Knowledge & Advisory Centre for Global Citizenship & Sustainable Development.

tumblr_m5pqhn4jWL1rvwepso5_r1_500Nathan Wilkinson (HCD 2009-2010) is a Senior Communications Officer at Pact, a U.S.-based NGO, on a project helping the South African government in Pretoria to improve coordination throughout the country’s child services sector. He has been with Pact for four years helping government ministries and non-profits improve their media work, in Vietnam 2010-2012, Namibia 2012-2014, and now South Africa. In the coming months, Nathan will become a Communications Officer at KAYEC, a Namibian non-profit that does outreach, after-school clubs and jobs training for township youth in Namibia.

Jessica Mustaschi (HCD 2010-11) is the Safety Program Coordinator at METRAC, a non-profit that works with individuals, communities, and institutions to end violence against women and youth. She has co-developed a safety audit training and activity booklet for youth and co-created two successful community art projects entitled “Fabric of Violence: Fabricating Change” and “Ripples of Voices: Waves of Change.” She is also a member of the Toronto Women’s City Alliance (TWCA) assisting in the creation of workshops, policies and media to ensure diverse women and girls’ experiences are taken into consideration in the City of Toronto.

Nina Mutia (HCD 2011-12) works at the United Nations Population Fund based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has worked for the past two years as a consultant in the role of “Programme Officer”.

2014-03-26 15_05_04

Mary de Boer on a site visit in Senegal

Mary de Boer (HCD 2009-10) is a health officer (foreign service) with USAID. She is based in Senegal for the current tour.

Anna Sophia Gallagher (HCD 2012-13) works in participatory research for REACH, a Swiss/French initiative in the humanitarian secctor which seeks to better inform big actors on the scene by generating contextual, relevant and up to date information on crises.

Deepa Jahagirdar: Since my last HCD careers update, I worked for the policy think tank, RAND, in Cambridge (UK), on research projects ranging from NHS supply chains and the spread antibiotic resistance, to the economic effects of pre-term birth and stratified medicine.  I then decidedDSC07565 to pursue a PhD in Epidemiology at McGill University.  I spent my first summer in Montreal working with the public health ministry in Quebec to look at differences in regional obesity rates . For my PhD thesis, I am especially interested in the effect of physical and food environments on people’s weight and how policies can work to improve these environments, encouraging healthier lifestyles. 

Inseok Lee (HCD2013/14) is Project Manager of the ‘Community-based Maternal and Child Health Project in Shinyanga region, Tanzania’. This multi-million dollar four year programme is funded by the Korean Development Agency, and implemented by the international NGO ‘Good Neighbours’.

Wendi Hausfeld
(HCD 2006-07) is a Senior Consultant in Human Capital, Deloitte

Chi Nguyen (HCD 2006-07) is Manager of the Neighborhoods<> program<>, United Way of Greater Toronto

Miho Yotsui (HCD 2012-13) is working as a corporate communications officer for a food and beverage company in Japan

Judith Peterka (HCD 2011-12) is an intern at the OECD Education department, and fellow of the Carlo Schmid Programme

Sydney Oastler (HCD 2011-12) is a Campaign Officer for the Grandmothers campaign, Stephen Lewis Foundation

Ninjeri Pandit (HCD 2007-08) is the Digital Engagement Commissioner, Health and Social Care Digital Services, NHS England

Katie Benjamin (HCD 2009-10) is a Digital Commissioning Manager, Health and Social Care Digital Services, NHS England

Dana Hayes (HCD 2007-08) is a NHS Health Checks Project Manager, London

Mariana Meirelles (HCD 2012-13) is an Evaluation and Impact Support officer for Community Action Southwark.

Anne Gildea (HCD 2011-12) is a Global Public Health Fellow at Village Hopecore International (Kenya).

Lucia Chipoco (HCD 2009-10) is a Grants coordinator, Plan International, Peru

Damani Goldstien (HCD 2007-08) is the Health Team Leader at the USAID country office, Dominican Republic

Tania Kisserli (HCD 2009-10) is a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Program coordinator, British Red Cross

Lior Miller (2007-08) is a PhD Student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in clinical psychology and community/applied social psychology.

Ellen McLeod (HCD 2010-11) is a VIP outreach worker at HIV Community Link<>, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Natalie Fellows (HCD 2011-12) Is a Donor Relations Manager at The Trust for Public Land,<> New York City, NY

Anne Sanicki (HCD 2012-13) is a Project Assistant, Diagnostics at PATH<>, Seattle

Georgie Kane (HCD 2006-07) is a Project Support officer in Senegal and Gambia for Concern Universal <>

Fiona Thoomas (HCD 2009-10) is a Research Coordinator at Center for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto Canada

Livia Ottisova (HCD 2007-08) is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Kings College, London

Rochelle Burgess (HCD 2007-08; HCD PhD 2009-13) is a Lecturer in Health and Social Care at London Metropolitan University

Meg Towle: Following HCD, Meg worked with the WHO HQ for several years on projects in paediatric HIV, supply chains, and managing childhood illness. She then worked with Columbia University as a strategic consultant to India’s ministry of health, advising on primary care health systems strengthening in five national sites. Her work especially focused on health financing, building supply chains, quality management in health facilities, strategies to tackle health worker absenteeism, and improving the use of data for planning and management. She now works for Tembo Inc., a data analytics and visualization start-up that builds dynamic, custom tools so that managers can make better sense of their data. Tembo’s clients are largely in the education and health sectors. The team regularly posts about its work on Twitter @data_by_design.

Dr Esteban Hadjez Berrios is now Professor of Public Health at Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile.

Georgie Kane is currently in West Africa where she works for an NGO in the Gambia and Senegal, overseeing donor funded programmes and grants, and leading on programme design. She is currently working to set up a health systems strengthening programme, which would work with local government to develop a more community-led approach to improving access to and uptake of Village Health Workers and Traditional Birth Attendants.

Aditi Chowdhary-Gandhi has joined the Nursing and Midwifery Council as Standards Development Officer, in a post that combines research, advocacy, engagement and legislation. Her particular interest in health regulation developed in her previous work with the Royal College of Paediatrics.

Erin Stern is a research and advocacy associate for the advocacy non-governmental organization (NGO), AIDS-Free World. She currently counsels survivors of sexual abuse and provides support through the criminal justice system at Rape Crisis Cape Town. Erin is a candidate for a PhD with the Women’s Health Research Unit at the University of Cape Town, and is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Cape Town’s School of Public Health.

Kerry Scott is a PhD candidate in public health and Johns Hopkins University.

Morten Skovdal is Senior Advisor on Impact and Evidence at Save the Children UK.

jonJon Crail is currently a Programme Specialist at Marie Stopes International. Based in London he supports family planning programmes in Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mexico.

Jon ( started volunteering with Amigos de las Americas (based in Houston, TX USA) at 16, living & working in rural Mexico. He continued to grow in the community development / public health youth organisation working throughout the Americas as a Project Supervisor, Country Director and finally as Regional Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

After graduating from HCD (winning the Himmelweit award for best student in his year), he took a job in France with the FDI World Dental Federation helping to manage a public private partnership operating in 40 countries, as well as doing policy and advocacy work with the WHO and other international organisations. He moved with organisation to Geneva, Switzerland where he eventual managed the PPP, public health and communications departments for the organisation. Jon then spent a year in Geneva working with Phrisk Ltd. doing freelance public health and communication consulting for NGOs.

Gorit Gideon (HCD 2008/09) is administrative chief with the UCLA Student Run Homeless Clinics. Working with two distinct communities – the medical students and local underserved communities of Los Angeles County and currently starting family medicine at the Ventura County Medical Center.

UCLA SRHC at New Image Emergency Shelter, Los Angeles, CA

Wendi Hausfield is a health communication specialist with Deloittes in the USA.

Yumi Toyama works for a Japanese development agency on projects to limit TB in low income countries.

Deepa Jahagirdar is about to start a PhD in Epidemiology at McGill University in Canada.

Cristian Montenegro (HCD 2011-2012) is working as a “young research assistant” in a research project in Chile, applying a new tool from WHO called QualityRights, aimed to assess the fulfillment of the rights of patients and the quality of the mental health services in the country. 

Shannon Olynik (HCD 2010-11) is a psychiatry researcher at the University of Michigan.  

Kate Morley works on this Toiyabe Native American Community Health project in California. They received a large grant from the CDC earmarked for “capacity building, community engagement, and sustainable public health” and she manages the project.  

Rachel Pell has recently taken up a post as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the UNDP in Ethiopia.

Chelsea Billinkoff is studying medicine at the University of Sydney, where she is putting her HCD background to good use. She writes: “I definitely see that my HCD experience is shaping how I approach working out disease processes, treatments, management and health in society; this unique perspective is very clear when we have any conversations regarding patient and doctor relationships, public health and any multi-disciplinary approaches towards health.”

Mercy Nhamo is working as consultant for a UK-based church organisation evaluating the Church Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) in Zimbabwe. She is also lecturing in psychology at a local Zimbabwean university.

Bridget Twohig is working as Project Coordinator/Research Associate in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University in the USA – on two qualitative research projects – one on communication in critical care (specifically in the Pediatric ICU and Cardiac ICU) and the other a  eHealth Literacy intervention among adults in a community centre.

Seungha Baek (HCD, 2010-11) works for the Korean government promoting rural community development.

HCD classmates on LSE field trip.

HCD classmates on LSE field trip.

Mary de Boer (3rd from right) works as a ‘Conseillère technique sanitaire’ with USAID Sénégal.

Robin Nobleman (3rd from left) is at Osgoode Law School at York University in Canada.


Nathalie Carter (HCD, 2008-2009)
has a post as Public Health Practitioner with the NHS County Durham and Darlington Primary Care Trust in the UK. She works in public health commissioning, with particular emphasis on incorporating a ‘wider social determinants’ perspective into health policy and planning.

Livia Ottisova is currently working at the HIV charity Body&Soul as Head of Adult Programmes: “We support children, teens and adults living with or closely affected by HIV and offer a range of psycho-social support to members including peer support, information workshops, counselling and advocacy,” she writes. “My job includes coordinating the weekly Adults service every Tuesday evening (around 120 or so adults attend) as well as 1:1 support and casework during the week. It’s been really fantastic, and I’ve even managed to rope in Rochelle Burgess to come and deliver some poetry workshops for the members!”

Jing Jing Liu is doing a PhD in social-cultural anthropology at the University of Toronto.

Ama De-Graft Aikins is a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana. Flora Cornish is lecturer on our HCD programme (based in the LSE’s Methodology Institute), as is Jenevieve Mannell (based in the LSE’s Institute of Social Psychology). Joelle Kivitz holds an academic post in France, and Cathy Vaughan is lecturer in gender and health at the University of Melbourne.

Morten Skovdal is Senior Advisor on Impact and Evidence at Save the Children UK, and also co-directs World Voices Positive in Kenya.

Lior Miller (HCD 2007-2008) has been working at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Los Angeles since 2008, as country officer for our prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and HIV care and treatment programs in Cameroon and Rwanda. She writes that she has recently been accepted to three clinical psychology PhD programs in the US, and will pursue a program in clinical health psychology.

Kelsey Beninger (HCD 2010/11) is working at NatCen Social Research ( after spending a year at the Children’s Charity Coram doing PR, marketing and communications. “NatCen is brilliant,” she writes.” I project manage elements of Understanding Society, the world’s largest household panel survey. I am also working on a range of qualitative projects:  public sector equality duty review (very relevant to my MSc dissertation on  disability), heat energy use in the home, and the public’s perception of the ethics of social media research. Lots of variety!”

Melanie Machingawuta (HCD 2010/11) is now working for DAI, a global development consultancy working in 150 developing and transition countries to provide comprehensive development solutions in areas including crisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic governance and public  sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, water and natural resources management, and energy and climate change. 

Kirsten van Reisen (HCD 2011-12) has had a busy year volunteering with a Dutch
sustainability platform called Nudge ( She has also recently taken up a post as a researcher with the Dutch National Commission for Sustainable Development (NCDO), where she will be evaluating the outcomes and impact of social interventions, one of which is a youth social entrepreneurship programme, and the other an exchange programme between social intervention organisations from the global South teaching their methods to partners in the North.

Rachel Pell (2008-9) has held three posts since graduating: The first was Research Officer for a children’s palliative care centre in the London Borough of Newham, which is one of the most ethnically diverse, and generally deprived, areas in the UK. The purpose of the project was to consult with a wide range of community stakeholders to assess palliative care needs and barriers to access. The second involved Operations Support for Community-Based First Aid at the British Red Cross. She coordinated a program which provides first-aid training to vulnerable groups who are less likely to access medical services, such as new immigrants, homeless etc. She has most recently finished an 18 month stint as Fellow at Touching Tiny Lives in Lesotho. This fellowship was with TTL, which another formed HCD-er, Meg Towle. is also involved with. She was initially contracted to spend a year working with the organisation on capacity building and supporting their programs focused on Paediatric AIDS and child malnutrition. The contract was then extended for an additional six months so she could coordinate and complete TTL’s first evaluation of its services, as well as overhaul some of its monitoring tools.

Mahym Orazmauhamedova, (HCD 2008/09)

Mahym is currently working for International Organization for Migration in Ashgabat. Mahym is the Officer-in-Charge for the IOM mission in Turkmenistan and is in charge of a team of five people. Much of the focus of their work is involved in combating human trafficking projects in Turkmenistan.

Lucia Chipoco, (HCD 2009/10)

After finishing HCD, Lucia stayed in London for a year as a programme assistant for the Latin American section of a woman’s rights NGO called Womankind. This experience helped Lucia strengthen her project management skills and understand the current state of international NGOs and funding for development projects. At the end of 2011, Lucia returned to Peru and is now working in the National Commission for Development and a Life without Drugs (DEVIDA), dealing with policy strategies and prevention. Lucia is in charge of developing a drug prevention programme for local councils in Lima. Lucia is excited about the possible outcomes of applying a community approach to the drug prevention programmes and is currently working on publishing an article related to her dissertation project with the help of one of her professors. Contact:

Jillian Kratzer (HCD 2008/09) is working in the UK public sector as Community Health Coordinator. She is currently conducting policy-focused research into health inequalities on social housing estates, as the first step towards developing new health interventions.

Maureen Codd (HCD 2008/09) worked for Save the Children doing advocacy and communications for nearly a year after finishing her dissertation. She is now working in business development for a development management consultancy in London

Fiona Thomas (HCD 2009/10) is currently interning with the Community Development Unit (CDU) at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Malaysia. She is working on a livelihoods project that seeks to build capacity amongst the different refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur. This project provides various skils training activities for the purpose of income-generation and also oversees microfinance loans that are administered by external implementing partners (IPs). Fiona’s role within this project is to research and understand the psychosocial benefits participants gain from this programme.

David Ansari (HCD 2009/10) is now in the Department of Health Service and Population Research in the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London. He is currently working on the Connecting People study, a project funded by the School for Social Care Research of the National Institute of Health Research that focuses on identifying best practices in social capital enhancement activities amongst health and social care workers. Over the next two years, David will conduct an ethnography with statutory mental health services, voluntary sector agencies and social inclusion projects in London, West Kent, Birmingham and Manchester. In addition to his work at KCL, David is currently a reviewer for the Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS and a volunteer at the Naz Project London.

Christopher Nicholas (HCD 2006/07) is now a video producer at NHS Westminster. In this role he is able to combine his experience in Public Health with his passion for video production and communication in order to reduce health inequalities in the borough; the difference in life expectancy between people in the poorest areas of Westminster and the wealthiest areas is nearly 13 years. Christopher says that the HCD course made him think about “the different ways that health messages can be disseminated, and to carefully consider the most appropriate tools and methods for bringing about behaviour change”.

Video and social media are effective tools to communicate with young people, and people who do not speak English, and other groups who may not traditionally engage with health services. Through video important themes such as housing, education and the wider determinants of health can be discussed and explored.

Video also represents an important community development tool; this approach is evident in the participatory video produced by local teenage girls about the HPV vaccination, which was then shared with their peers via Facebook. He also sees the great potential of easy to produce, affordable videos to raise awareness and advocate for the healthcare needs of vulnerable communities, and has produced a series of videos for the maternal health charity Maternity Worldwide who support women in Ethiopia. Examples of Christopher’s work can be found here: If you want to contact Christopher find him on LinkedIn (

Robin Windsor has been working as a Surveillance Officer in the HIV/AIDS Epi Section of the Surveillance and Risk Assessment Division of the Public Health Agency of Canada. She will shortly be taking up a post as a Policy Analyst in the Strategic Policy and Research Section of the Childhood and Adolescence Division in the Health Promotion Centre of the Public Health Agency of Canada, where she will be working in the area of children’s rights in Canada and Latin America.

Nathan Wilkinson is working as Communications Associate at the Hanoi, Vietnam, office of Pact, a Washington, DC-based NGO active in health, governance and the environment. He writes: “Our activities in Vietnam focus on HIV/AIDS: we currently manage a $44-million portfolio of PEPFAR money, and are strengthening the capacity of Vietnamese funding recipients to lead the response here. This is the first time our office has had a dedicated communications specialist, and I am trying to build a communications strategy worthy of a multimillion dollar operation. My job includes travelling to partner sites in different provinces to help cover their activities, redesigning everything from our website to reports and forms, liaising with our US donor, training our funding recipients in media skills, and organizing a major public photo exhibit and book launch next year.”

Eri Park is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Roosevelt Academy, International Honors College University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Megan Knox is now a Policy and Research Officer for Community Action Southwark, which is the umbrella body that provides various capacity building services to community and voluntary organizations in the borough and represents their interests to the government. She writes: “I’m in the Policy and Participation Team, which primarily examines government policies and their implications for the sector and also organizes forum meetings for members of the sector to feed into the council’s decision making structure. It’s been really interesting and exciting (but very busy!) so far, especially as the sector is undergoing really drastic change. “

Katie Benjamin is about to take up a post as HIV/AIDS and Gender programme officer in Malawi. In this Canadian International Development Agency funded internship she will be working with the Canadian Cooperative Association and The Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives (MUSCCO). Here she will be working to evaluate and improve the impact of current project’s work on behaviour change in mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS.

Livia Ottisova held a post at an Outreach and Advocacy Officer at Médecins du Monde/Doctors of the World UK’s Project:London, helping vulnerable populations to access health care in London.

Arif Jetha is currently doing his PhD in Health and Behavioural Sciences at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health in Toronto, Canada. His research focuses on factors that influence the employment participation of young people with physical disabilities. He is also completing a fellowship in public health policy. His HCD masters dissertation was accepted for publication and is currently in press.

Ninjeri Pandit is currently working as a Patient Experience Manager at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, which supports people with mental ill-health.

Alice Clarfelt is working for the Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE) in Cape Town, and is planning to start PhD research on community responses to sexual violence in the rural Transkei, investigating how sexual violence is situated in relation to community constructions of gender and sexuality.

Erin Stern is also working for CADRE and about to start a PhD supervised by Dr. Diane Cooper, the Director of the Women’s Health Research unit at the University of Cape Town. Erin will be conducting research into gender and health.

Hilde Bryhn is working as a sexual and reproductive health advisor at the Norwegian Directorate of Health in Oslo.

Dana Hayes is the Workplace Health Promotion Project Officer for NHS Islington.

Meg Towle writes: “I am in Mumbai launching a new national Earth Institute (EI) project. The Ministry of Health has asked EI to pilot regional model districts for the National Rural Health Mission. I’ll be managing the research and evaluation on the project. I’m also doing consultant projects for the World Health Organization Child & Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS Departments.”

Tania Kisserli is now Programme Support Officer: Africa-Coordinator, of the International AIDS Alliance’s North Africa and Middle East Regional Programme, based in Brighton.

Deepa Jahagirdar is taking up a Knowledge Transfer post for a partnership between Stirling University and a number of Scottish businesses. She will work to transfer actionable research findings about health inequalities to policy and practice with particular reference to the Bangladeshi communities. Deepa recently received a distinction for her HCD Masters, including a thesis on the children’s programme of the innovative Bromley-by-Bow “one stop” health centre in London.

Katya Klumpp is working as a Senior Research Assistant in Cancer Care, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton.

Berivan Tamsen is working in Istanbul, Turkey, as an academic counsellor helping children prepare applications for study abroad.

Daniela Negri writes: “I recently finished my internship at the European Public Health Alliance, the largest pan-European platform of NGOs active on the health field and today I started to work for Veneto Region’s public health sector in Brussels as a project manager. The Veneto Region is among the most advanced and innovative regions in Europe. The public health sector is successfully developed and it represents a benchmark for cross-border cooperation. The region together with North West England founded Euregha, which is a network of around 150 European regions that aims at facilitating partnerships in the health field.

Within the framework of the European Health Strategy 2008-2013, European regions operate to share best practice and strengthen cross-border cooperation on cross-cutting themes (e.g. mental health promotion in workplaces, schools and healthcare facilities just to give you an example) by availing of the expertise of academics to put forward evidence-based policies.”

Kolade Daodu is working as a GP in Shropshire.

Kirsten Honshorst works as a Research Associate in the Health Programs Group for the Conference Board of Canada which is an independent, non-partisan organization doing research for both the private and public sectors

Several HCD students from this year are planning to study medicine in the US next year. Angela Curtis has just been accepted on the doctoral programme in Clinical Psychology at London Metropolitan University.

Heather Menzies Munthe-Kaas (HCD 2006/07) is Researcher with the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services Previously working for the Norwegian Peace Corps (Fredskorpset Norway) in Colombia.

Chi Nguyen (HCD 2005/06) is Director of Participation and Process at MASS LBP in Toronto. MASS LBP is an organisation that focuses on ‘reinventing public consultation’: In a recent email, Chi quotes Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man: “There is a mass of sense lying in a dormant state which good government should quietly harness…

Damani Goldstein (HCD 2007/08) recently accepted a post with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance as Behaviour Change Communication Technical Advisor for the Caribbean region.

Erin Stern (HCD 2008/09) has recently accepted a job as an HIV/AIDS project coordinator for the NGO Transcape, based in Canzibe, South Africa. Transcape’s HIV/AIDS projects mobilize communities to test and organize prevention awareness days. Transcape supports Home Based Organizations (HBOs) and helps other communities set up support groups and HBOs. Erin will act as the linking person between local initiatives in surrounding communities, the board members of Transcape, donors and partnerships. She will visit projects and take care of internal and external communications, write reports, and provide the board and partnerships with information for funding and support. She will organize meetings, workshops, and trainings for local communities to extend knowledge and social networks.

Georgie Kane (HCD 2005-6), who has been working as Advocacy and Outreach Officer for Medecins De Monde in London, is about to move on to work for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Brighton.

Georgie will join Tania Kisserli (HCD2007-9) who has worked with the Alliance’s North Africa and Middle East section for some time.

Livia Ottisova (HCD 2007-8) will be moving into Georgie’s place in MDM.

Rona Higgins (HCD 2006-8) is working Regional Programme Officer for East Africa for WaterAid.

Kristi Roberts (HCD 2006-7) is now working for Cape York Partnerships in Australia. She writes:

“I’m currently working as a Project Analyst for Cape York Partnerships which is the leading Indigenous organisation for the implementation of Welfare Reform in Cape York Peninsula, Australia. CYP and the Cape York Institute was spearheaded by Aboriginal leader, lawyer/activist Noel Pearson. The organisation sits in the nexus of academia, community development, policy formation and activism. My role is to develop a strategy for the Well Being Centres that enables community control. The purpose of the Well Being Centres is to implement an integrated community-based social health service with a focus on drug and alcohol, gambling, family violence, mental health and general counselling. CYP’s vision is that the people of Cape York Peninsula have the capabilities to choose lives they have reason to value. For more about us visit”

Andi Cuddington (HCD 2008-9) is about to take up a polio eradication internship at the WHO in Geneva. She writes:

Following the HCD program, I am in the process of clarifying how to maximize my contribution in the health field. The debate rages between careers that target health system changes through policy and advocacy versus becoming a medical doctor who is guided by a more holistic approach to health and well-being. In the near future, I will be interning at the World Health Organization in Geneva, providing real world experience that is critical for the integration of classroom theory with the actual daily workings in the health system. While working on polio eradication campaign at WHO, I hope to maximize my understanding of community-centered development and the social determinants of health, while expanding on my previous bio-psychological and physiological focus. With any luck, the new adventures that lie ahead will continue to inspire me and shape my career path, just as previous adventures have guided me until now.”

Kate Parsley (HCD 2005-6) has recently been appointed as Teenage Pregnancy Strategy Manager in Lewisham, London. She leaves her previous post as Health Improvement Specialist responsible for young peoples’ sexual health at the Westminster Primary Care Trust

Nathalie Carter (HCD 2007-9, part time) is Co-ordinator of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme for Greenwich NHS / TPCT in London.

Liam O’Cathasaigh has recently joined the team at The Digital Hub in Dublin, Ireland. He has been appointed as Tutor / Course Coordinator, responsible for their new course in Digi Film & TV Production. The course is a community based, participatory program, which has strong links with the surrounding inner-city community at it’s core. Offering a new approach to community learning; it focuses on engaging, exciting, and empowering both learners and tutors.

The Digital Hub is a community of people – artists, researchers, educators, technologists, entrepreneurs and consumers, all working together to create innovative and successful digital media initiatives.

Rochelle Burgess has recently completed a prestigious research internship at HEARD, the Health Economics and AIDS Research Division at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She has recently begun work on her PhD examining community mental health supports for AIDS impacted communities in South Africa”. Read more about Rochelle

Rochelle joined Andy Gibbs who is a full time researcher at HEARD. Andy is working on a number of research projects linked to AIDS and the media, masculinity and treatment adherence.

Jing Jing Liu (HCD 2007-8) is Research Fellow in the School of Clinical Sciences & Community Health at the University of Edinburgh, working on a project entitled: Modifying health promotion interventions to meet the needs of ethnic minority groups.

Aditi Chowdhary (HCD 2005/06) is working as an AIDS researcher at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India.

Chris Nicholas (HCD 2005/07), part time) is Health Inequalities Manager at the Westminster Primary Care Trust in London.

Jessie Freeman (HCD 2005/07), part time) is working for an international AIDS organisation in Cambodia.

Mary Puttnam (HCD 2005/06) is in medical school in the US.

Francisca Puga (HCD 2007/08) is a Researcher in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of London.

Ninjeri Pandit (HCD 2007/08) Patient Survey & Engagement Coordinator for a south London Mental Health Trust, working within the Strategy & Business Development Directorate

Daniel Pearmain (HCD 2005/06)

Daniel currently works at the Community Development Foundation (CDF), which provides a unique partnership between government and those that make change on the ground. CDF helps to empower and shape communities as the leaders in community development strategy and delivery in the UK. Daniel works as a Researcher, evaluating national programmes that focus on strengthening civic participation, increasing community cohesion and strengthening communities. Recent reports include the Hardship Fund, aimed to provide support to frontline voluntary and community organisations delivering non-statutory services to the most vulnerable groups

Lior Miller (HCD 2007/08) is working for the paediatric AIDS foundation in California.

Dana Hayes (HCD 2007/08) is Workplace Health Promotion Officer for a North London Primary Care Trust.

Other careers destinations of HCD students include:

  • AIDS activist/researcher in South Africa
  • AIDS researcher in Botswana
  • Project leader at international AIDS NGO based in the UK
  • Coordination of AIDS services for migrants/refugees to the UK
  • Independent documentary film maker
  • Researching women’s empowerment in Pakistan
  • UK government health policy on obesity
  • Promoting young women’s political participation in Canada
  • Several HCD graduates have jobs linked to sexual health in local government in London
  • UK National Health Service to support homeless people
  • International AIDS/development NGO – focusing on Africa
  • International water aid NGO, focusing on Africa, and also on fund-raising
  • Mental health promotion in Pakistan
  • Nurse training in the UK
  • Teaching in marginalised community in UK (did educational options along with health interest)
  • Consultant to government department teaching soldiers how to interact with civilians in war-torn area
  • PhD (at LSE) on women sex workers in Senegal
  • PhD (at LSE) on tackling AIDS stigma in Zimbabwe
  • European Public Health Alliance in Brussels
  • PhD in Public Health (University of Toronto)
  • Social worker in London
  • Sexual health consultant for AusAID (Australian Development Agency)
  • Educational NGO in Kenya