Apurv Chauhan

I am a social psychologist, born and brought up in rural India, working on my Doctoral research at the Institute of Social Psychology at the LSE. Having received my Bachelors and Masters degree with honours from the University of Delhi, I came to the UK on a Commonwealth-Cambridge scholarship to read for an MPhil degree in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge. After completing my MPhil, I joined the Institute in October 2012 on a generous scholarship from the School to work on my Doctoral research.

Broadly, my research interests lie in developing theories that seek to understand the meaning making activities of individuals and societies and their apotheosis in the creation of knowledge systems that people use in their day-to-day activities. Over the last 6 years, I have been working on the problem of poverty from social psychological perspectives guided by my theoretical underpinnings in Social Representations and Symbolic Interactionism.

My research at the LSE seeks to understand how poor people in India make sense of their deprivation and subsequently evolve knowledge systems that help them adapt to their severely deprived lives and compares it with the perspectives of other stakeholders in the community (local bureaucrats, teachers, non-governmental agents etc.). As much of past research has indicated, good health and education (or lack thereof) are pertinent to poverty dynamics; my work lays a special emphasis on understanding how these are constructed in the representations of aforementioned groups. It is my firm belief that acknowledging and integrating the knowledge systems of the poor is critical in designing and successfully implementing social policies on poverty and my current work strives to make an impact in this direction.

Outside academics, I am a keen follower of Test Cricket and English Premier League where I support Chelsea F.C. I venerate heavy metal music—I owe all my completed academic essays, theses and journal submissions to it. Occasionally, I also find that my enthusiasm defeats my abhorrent skills with the camera and ignoring good reason, I do some photography.